March 3, 2018

Richard Armitage:Oceans 8 Reshoots in NYC Mar 7(see link) + Congrats & Thanks for Kind Words to Gary Oldman(see link) + Photographer Leslie Hassler Received Request from Oceans 8 Production to Use One of Her RA Pics + NIFF Details (See link)

She said "yes", of course. It's one from the "Mr gRAy will see you now" collection... Oceans 8 reshoot Mar 7, NYC--hmmm, does it include RA?
Just happened to see this news blurb about Gary Oldman's Best Actor win at recent Oscars. I have not watched that ceremony for past few years, now that the majority of US actors/tresses have lost complete touch with movie viewers. Apparently Mr Oldman was very gracious to Americans in his remarks, as well as thanking his 98 yr old mother. How absolutely wonderful that she could enjoy his big day.  In fact, her son said "put the kettle on, I'm bringing Oscar home" :D
Newcastle International Film Fest (NIFF) - Urban and The Shed Crew screening at the Biscuit Factory.  What event would not be sweet when held at a biscuit factory;D 
Not the Mr Rogers collection...

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