October 11, 2017

Richard Armitage: Narrates 'Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde'(see link) + 'Sleepwalker' Review--4 Stars****

Made wrong guess on Halloween surprise..but close ;D

^^^^^^^^^^^Halloween surprise^^^^^^^^^^^^

                                REVIEW: 4**** for 'Sleepwalker'
University graduate student Sarah Foster (Ahna O’Reilly) is battling a troubling bout of sleepwalking, one time even being found in the streets in the middle of the night by cops. She is dealing with a sudden and tragic loss and so comes to get help at a prestigious sleep clinic at her university, where she meets Dr. Scott White (Richard Armitage), the program’s director. He promises to take good care of her, and after her first night being monitored, she wakes feeling very refreshed, claiming she had no dreams and no walking episodes, something the staff seems to confirm. However, as she begins her day, small things seem out of place, and when one of her professors calls her Sarah Wells, she is confused, soon learning that this new last name is now her real identity. And it only gets stranger from there when she begins getting cryptic phone calls and is stalked by a figure (Haley Joel Osment) in the dark.

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