June 7, 2016

Richard Armitage:Gisborne Invades Italy(see link) + RA Suggests "Relax"(see vid) + Songwriter Acknowledges He & RA Will Work on Midlife Crisis(see link) + Couple "announcements coming"(see tweet) + "Nature abhors a vacuum" Therefore His Recent New Follows Have Spawned Speculation

Latest RA tweet promises his "employers" will soon make an official announcement.  In the meantime he suggests we "Relax Don't Do It" Reference to this 1983 hit...
From Jul 17, 2011 post:
NEWS: Songwriter says he's looking forward to working with RA on 'Midlife Crisis' https://twitter.com/NYCSteelerfan/status/740659490039685120

[Update: Shortly after below activity the movie production 'Midlife Crisis' started to follow RA and he followed back. They're also following Brit actor Toby Stephens who yesterday acknowledged to a fan that he'll appear in the aforementioned film. A songwriter linked to the movie also tweeted he'd met Richard and "he's a lovely man"]
Couple days ago our fav actor started to follow the Roundabout Theater.  The Arthur Miller play 'The Price' is on their Feb 2017 schedule. Subsequently he followed the director of that theater's production "Love, Love, Love" - previews start late Sept 2016.
Today he started to follow co-writer of Broadway play "Finding Neverland" which will open in London 2017: http://findingneverlandthemusical.com/

Keeping it fun! https://youtu.be/-i-jme5QFYw

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