May 29, 2016

Richard Armitage: Berlin Station Website Hotspots(link below) + Alice Looking Glass Producer's Tweets about RA + On List of Top Ten Actors Who Could Play Bond + Chapter from Geo Martin's(Game of Thrones) Next Book Release "Winds of Winter"(see link)

agent Daniel Miller, Berlin Station website--definitely a "hot spot"
Start page for Berlin Station virtual reality website..
Here are designated virtual reality "hotspots" Text says "after a brief flyover intro, we will blur to reveal the Berlin map and show hotspots for each scene that users will use to navigate. The recommended path will be indicated, but users can also explore on their own." Legible hotspots are "Enter Berlin".."Safehouse".."CIA Bullpen" Bottom note says "for best experience start with the brief".. 
Explanation of Berlin Station interactive website:
Sample chapter from Geo Martin's Winds of Winter:

2. Richard Armitage
Richard Armitage had a successful television career before landing the role of Thorin in The Hobbit trilogy. It had been heavily rumored that he would be the next James Bond, but, unfortunately, was denied by him. Nonetheless, fans still love the idea especially since they have seen him play an agent in BBC’s Spooks. His loud, commanding voice would be perfect to deliver those iconic lines. However, at 44 years old, it’s questionable whether he could continue the franchise for over a decade. Most of the Bonds started in their late 30’s (Sean Connery was the youngest at 32), so Armitage might be too old to keep up with multiple films. Regardless, he would be one of the most realistic picks.

Alice Through the Looking Glass producer's tweets about RA..

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