March 14, 2016

Richard Armitage:Peter Jackson's Never Ending Story(see link) + New Photo from Berlin + Vote for RA as Best Actor in tv Series

VOTE: Richard Armitage Best Actor in a tv series:
Jackson quote: "No one in NZ will go hungry again" :D
Where are Daniel's blue shoes to coordinate with blue jacket&jeans?;)
If I didn't know better would suspect the above photo is spy Daniel Miller. We know it is not, but following is RA apparently with German officials involved with that government's partial funding of upcoming thriller Berlin Station.  Might RA's topcoat be part of his Daniel Miller wardrobe. Looks similar to a coat worn by MI5's Lucas North.
Will Edith Wharton's Summer adaptation be next? Imagine following video with this Mr Royall..


Nim Tara said...

I think the Strike Back series is a great show. Too much easy nude scenes for my brain (even if Sullivan is HOT), but it's really well done :)

Ricrar said...

Hi Nim, This Strike Back stars Richard Armitage. It's now called 'Strike Back Origins' because it was the very first series. Sullivan wasn't in it. Armitage left the series when he won the role of Thorin in The Hobbit trilogy. In my opinion, the very first series is the best. It's exciting with a hottie star but without the gratuitous sex scenes. He does have love interests but the focus is on story plot and action scenes.