December 14, 2013

Richard Armitage:Dancing RA elves(see link) + Interview on Showbiz Tonight(see vid) + DoS Receives 5 Critics Choice Noms(see TORn link) + I See Fire Fanvid + Fan Review of DoS + Box Office MoJo(see tweet) + Desolation of Smaug Cast Interview

Interview on Showbiz Tonight..
Look who volunteered to play Santa in MiddleEarth
This fan review of A Desolation of Smaug echos what I've heard from many others who've thoroughly enjoyed the film:
I haven't read the book so so I can't compare. But I loved the film.

No slow start this time, after the prologue with Thorin and Gandalf, it is action all the way. I particularly loved the barrel sequence and the scenes with the dragon. In fact, all the fights were well choreographed. There were no scenes which seemed too long to me, it was fast paced and still with a touch of humour here and there, although it is definitely darker then AUJ much more like the original trilogy. No happy songs in this one. Overall, I enjoyed this second instalment as much, if not more, than the first one.

I think Richard shines in it. He's a leader, passionate, heroic, courageous. He is really able to show Thorin's doubts as well as his confident leadership. And then in the mountain during a scene with Bilbo we see a glimmer of what comes next. Subtle, but it's there. It's what RA does best. To me, he doesn’t have as many character moments in this film as the last, perhaps because of the new characters and the many action sequences, but when he does, he is brilliant, partly because he can make so much of these scenes with subtle rather than showy performances.
The Desolation of Smaug was #1 boxoffice in USA for the very snowy Dec 13/14/15 weekend.  Yippee!!

'The Hobbit' opened to a massive $131.2 million overseas this weekend:

5 Critics Choice DoS Nominations:  up for Best Art Direction, Best Costume Design, Best Make-up, Best Visual Effects, and Best Actress in an Action Movie (Evangeline Lilly)

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