July 11, 2012

Comic-Con:Thx to racentral.com & Musa for Latest Vid Link + 3D Poster at CC + Compliments from indiewire.com + Twitter Fans Write Plot of New Film After Hearing News + New US Voiceover Agent(listen to sample) + Empire Mag Says "Not Just Bloke from Spooks Anymore" + New Movie for Richard Armitage--Tornado Thriller--News Has Blown Me Away:)

The dwarves are freaking out, because the dragon Smaug has not been seen for 60 years, and people are looking to the East — assessing, wondering, and weighing the risk. "Perhaps the vast wealth of our people lies unprotected," says Thorin Oakenshield.

Quotes from The Hobbit panel on Firstshowing.net:
4:11PM - Time for The Hobbit! Lights go down, and the side screens turn on to be Hobbit images (the same imagery we saw in that epicly long banner recently).
4:38PM - Lots of footage, a couple of full scenes with Gollum and the opening meeting with the dwarves...
4:40PM - Introducing the rest of the cast to the stage: Andy Serkis, Richard Armitage, Ian McKellen and of course, Martin Freeman. Freeman gets a huge round of applause, and a bit of a standing ovation.
4:46PM - Richard: "We went through quite an evolution for the look of Thorin. Working with a prosthetic like that is quite a challenge. By Day 1, I didn't think I would make it 2 or 3 weeks... by the end, I couldn't work without it." "Managing the heat and 'sweaty dwarf' was a challenge itself."
4:52PM - Q&A question about how to select what makes it into extended edition versus theatrical. PJ: People think we shoot scenes specifically for the extended edition. "We write the script as we're shooting. You shoot, you shoot, and you shoot some more." We write a scene half way through the shoot to tell something we need to. It's not until the very end where they can look at a cut and see where there's repetition, and at the end of the day, they end up with a film that's too long. So they have to cut it down for the studio. You end up with a theatrical film, and then you look at what got cut out. We don't look at everything, but when we cut scenes with nice character moments, we love to put those back in, but you don't know until the very end.

Quality of these first pix are not the best but better than nothing:)

l than that.  We ave conducted many private screenings of Hobbit footage in the US and several international territories, running the same reel twice - once at 24fps, and secondly at 48fps. This has alloweistributors and exhibitors direct comparison of the twoformats.The response has been unersally strng for t higher frame rate of 48fp
Two teen-centered films from New Line and FilmNation have been quietly picking up steam as of late, and while neither production packs tremendous star power under its respective wings, our latest casting report shows they've decided to pull in some fine character actors and fresh talent instead.
After more than a year donning hours-worth of make-up every day in order to play Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit,” actor Richard Armitage (“MI-5”) must be pretty thrilled to be starring next as a flesh-and-blood human, this time in an untitled New Line disaster flick. He'll join Sarah Wayne (“The Walking Dead”), as well as newcomer Alycia Debnam-Carey in the film, which follows a group of high school teenagers who contend with the immediate aftermath of a devastating tornado. Helming the film is director Steve Quale(“Final Destination 5”), working from John Swetnam's script, and while no word has been revealed on the approach Quale will take (let the words “found footage” stay far, far away), having an actor as accomplished as Armitage in your arsenal definitely won't hinder proceedings. [Deadline]

Here's plot of new film as written by long-time RA fans on Twitter:

We have the widower a British man who was married to an American. His shirt blows off several times in storm, haha:) then right into the arms of the female storm chaser. Last thing standing in detroit after the 'Category 6' tornado is a train station, where the widower kisses the storm chaser and says "you're coming home with me."
However, they discover his home blew away as well, so they moved to Argentina where he does the tango wearing Guy's black leathers. And they live happily ever after. P.S. they did manage to save the widower's son in the middle of the important stuff.:DThe End

'Hobbit' star Richard Armitage lands major role in tornado thriller -- EXCLUSIVE

The Hobbit just wrapped shooting and the Dec. 14 opening of its first installment, An Unexpected Journey, is still months away, but one of its stars, Richard Armitage, is already enjoying a major career boost. The British actor, who plays the fierce dwarf leader Thorin Oakenshield in Peter Jackson’s two-part adaptation of the J.R.R. Tolkien fantasy epic, has joined the cast of New Line’s untitled tornado thriller.
Armitage, who had roles in the BBC series North and South, Robin Hood, and MI-5, plays a widowed father who, with the help of storm chasers, tries to rescue his son from the aftermath of a string of tornadoese, which also will feature Wlm is set to begin shooting 


Category Six Lands Richard Armitage and Sarah Wayne Callies


Richard Armitage Battles A Tornado
From Hobbits to horrible weather...

11 July 2012  |  Source: Deadline
Richard Armitage Battles A Tornado
After this December, Richard Armitage will no longer be known solely as “that bloke from Spooks and Robin Hood” but as “one of the beardy Dwarves in The Hobbit.” All right, so he’s the party's leader, Thorin Oakenshield, which should give him plenty of chances to make an impression. But he’s also making sure he has other work lined up, including an untitled tornado action film.
While Deadline’s report on Armitage’s casting didn’t include many details besides that The Walking Dead’s Sarah Wayne Callies has also joined the cast, the film – once calledCategory Six after the rating system for twisty storms – is a found footage natural disaster outing.
James Cameron protégé Steven Quale, who made his directing debut last year with Final Destination 5, is aboard to call the shots from a script by John Swetnam. The story will follow a group of high schoolers dealing with the aftermath of a massive tornado and, of course, shooting everything on their gadgetry. Kids, eh? If they’re not being swept off to magical lands of wizards and witches, they’re busy with their droids and their Me-Phones... 
James White



Musa said...

Thanks for posting that from Indiewire. Wonderful he's getting recognition before we even see The Hobbit.

Laughing still at the group spontaneous script for Category 6. If the filmmakers are smart, they'll listen to all RA fans. We know.

So, are you going to buy a Hot Dwarves T-Shirt! TORN better have them for sale online after CC! They're missing out if they don't. I would love to have the Thorin 3D poster from CC, wouldn't you?

Are we all ready for Saturday? Bearded or not-bearded?

Ricrar said...

The spontaneous plot was hilarious, Musa. Everyone was feeling giddy with delight after receiving the new movie news. Even the train station kiss was included:)

I have to find the tshirt design posted here months ago. Somehow Bilbo was replaced by RA. Can't imagine how that happened. *chuckles*

We can each add our fav RA pic to the "do you luv hot dwarves" tshirt. I would've said bearded for CC before the new film announcement - now I'll opt for beard begone!

Of course, that's assuming Cat 6 script calls for clean-shaven. RA could very well have negotiated to keep the beard. In case PJ finds it's presence is needed for some reason, during the editing process.

Sue said...

Interesting to hear news that Richard is reportedly going to star in a disaster movie in America.

Sounds similar to a movie I once saw many moons ago called "Twister" which was about some tornado chasers.

So will Richard be playing a widowed father desperately trying to find his son do you think?

I must admit I'm not overly keen on these kind of movies, they are often fairly boring after all the excitement has worn off after the first three minutes. (Now what does that remind me of? As the actress said to the bishop!)

He'll have to keep his beard I think, otherwise he will look too young for the role. Unfortunately it does age him, but secretly I think that quite pleases him and he fancies keeping the beard. (No, no, please shave it off Richard!!)

Ricrar said...

Beard begone!! We're in agreement on that Sue:)

Know I must've seen Twister but didn't remember that the plot is the same. Apparently it's a remake, because RA will indeed play a father searching for his son with stormchasers.

Good news is there's a female stormchaser. We've already written fans ideal plot, with his shirt blowing off into her arms:) There's even a train station scene in our version.

Actually, I'm thrilled that it's not a sci-film because currently they far outnumber realistic movies. Was going to say plot with feet firmly planted on ground but with a 'Category Six'(the title) storm there will be few things firmly planted anywhere.

The Hobbit CC panel, including Richard, starts Sat about 6:30pm my time, which would make it 11:30pm yours. Are you planning to watch or wait for a replay on Sun?

Sue said...


I like the bit about RA's shirt blowing off, not too sure about ending up in Argentina though, us Brits aren't very popular there at the moment due to the row over who owns the Falklands. Maybe he'll just have to make do with a Rumba! (Or Conga, I'm not really that fussy as long as he waggles his tush!)

I don't know when Comic Con footage will be shown over here in England. I'll just wait until some kind soul uploads it on to their website. (No pressure RiCrAr).

There is in fact a Comic Con in Manchester, England on the 21st July, but I very much doubt if Richard will be attending it (shame). There will be someone from Star Wars attending though, and RA did make a brief appearance in it of course, so there is a connection. (A very tenuous one admittedly).



Looks like Richard may be taking up residence in America (or even Hollywood)now he's had his first film break and number two is just on the horizon. He hasn't even paused for breath before he begins filming his next project on the 23rd July. No time for skiing me thinks. (Not much else either by the sounds of it!)

Ricrar said...

There are 2 vids posted from CC, Sue. I'll add more as they become available. No one so far has uploaded The Hobbit film footage shown at CC. Attendees were not allowed to take videos during the panel presentation. No doubt PJ is saving full impact for the premiere in Dec.

During one interview, the reporter asked the director which performances will surprise the audience. Jackson seemed to hesitate a moment, as though he was editing his initial reaction, then he nodded towards Freeman. I'm still thoroughly convinced it's actually RA as Thorin which PJ is saving for the piece de resistance of The Hobbit.

In one of the vids above, Richard tells a reporter that they've not yet filmed the most intense fight scenes for the first film. That would explain why beard was not begone for CC.

Question is - will his Cat 6 character be clean shaven, stubblicious or still beardy? *inquiring minds want to know* :)

Bit of trivia about his female co-star in Category Six - she's currently in 'The Walking Dead' with Andrew Lincoln. There's speculation her character doesn't survive this season, hence her acceptance of the tornado thriller movie.

IMO, Richard made another wise career move by quickly moving forward to his next movie role after TH. His Thorin performance will be fresh in audience's mind when they see him as a flesh & blood human being in Cat 6.

Will be interesting to see if he returns to live in London when the new film is a wrap. Either way, it's only a short flight to both locations.

Sue said...


I've been devouring all the latest clips from RA interviews. I love the interview where Richard is asked just how tall he is and he replies "six foot two and a half". (Never underestimate just how important that extra half inch is girls, aint that right Richard!)Gosh, so he is actually OVER 6'2" then! A gentle giant indeed.

I wonder if Richard will have an American accent in Category Six? (I prefer that title by the way, it sort of makes sense). Or will he be playing a Brit? I find it interesting that his new character will be as far away as you could possibly get from his role as Thorin. Is that deliberate do you think? Or is it just a happy coincidence?

I hope he gets rid of that beard though, it hides such a beautiful and shy face, what a shame. Such beauty was created to be looked at and admired, not hidden away under a mass of fur! One thing, you'll know if he's getting close to any of his lady co-stars, with such a bushy beard she's going to be red raw after a good old snog!(Her face that is - well whatever!)

Ricrar said...

Lol..well whatever indeed. Some things are just worth the morning-after chafing, Sue:)Can tell from your devilish comments that you agree. It's sort of like childbirth - prize in the end (giggle double entendre:) overwhelms any discomfort.

RA *fan script* have him as a British man whose American wife died, but the actual screenwriters will no doubt arrogantly(wide grin)decide whether he's American or not despite our brilliant(might be a stretch)suggestion.

Thought it was only we vertically challenged females who added that 1/2" to our height. At 6'2" there's no need to mention it, is there. Although, ever since we were married, I've been telling everyone hubby is 6'4" - The other day he finally interjected "it might be 6'3.5"..Lol.. Evidently he didn't mind in the least my slight exaggeration. Height is a big deal w/teen boys, same as recognizable physical development for girls at that age.

Family had a great laugh years ago when our niece was 16. She was so underdeveloped for her age, that some male classmates would point at her chest & say "the Dakota flatlands." haha *they couldn't say that about her today & Victoria's Secret has the profit to prove it* :)