June 16, 2012

Another Tease re CC + Ian McKellen Interview(see excerpts&link) + First Anna Karenina Trailer(& Newspaper Article 4/19/2006) + Prometheus Review(JT wearing neck glowlight?) + TORn Website Provides Comic Con Details Including "Richard Armitage, Martin Freeman May Attend" + YoYo Weight Poll (see pix & poll) + Sue's British Cousin Suggestion for Dallas + "5 Brits on the Brink" + Thorin's Expected First Scene in THE HOBBIT Movie

Another "might" attend article:

The Hobbit NEWS
McKellen's last two shows are this weekend, with a performance on Saturday at Wellington's Opera House - the audience will include some of The Hobbit cast and crew, including Jackson - and then the final show in Carterton on Sunday.
McKellen expects shooting to be completed on The Hobbit by the end of next month. He says it's likely he will return next year for a small amount of additional shooting for the second part The Hobbit: There and Back Again. ...They have us going around the world doing publicity...There will be further premieres in London, New York and Berlin and Tokyo 
What if C19 John Thornton had worn one of those neck uplights we see in Ridley Scott's new film 'Prometheus'.  Think of mood lighting encircling JT's neck and reflecting upward unto all that stubble.  
Proving yet again that I find sci-fi meh, that's actually the only thing that leaves me curious about 'Prometheus' - why are they wearing, what looks like, neck glowlights?  Here's a review:

Poll photos:

See entire article below--Apr 19, 2006..Excerpt:
"His other lasting memory from the set was chatting up a beautiful young actress whom he believed to be Natalie Portman. She nodded politely as he called her Natalie over and over again, but when she stepped forward for her scene, Armitage realised she was Portman's body double, an unknown British actress by the name of Keira Knightley."


Musa said...

Brother and Sisterly love is in looks like! What's happened to our Marian LOL
Thanks for posting the True Blood vid.

Collar City Brownstone said...

I don't even have to think about this one. I much prefer Guy's slight double chin. Lucas North's face was borderline anorexic on his first season of Spooks. I understand the reason Richard was asked to lose weight though. His body had to reflect a man who was imprisoned, tortured and underfed for 8 years.

Sue said...


I agree with collarcitybrownstone. I much prefer Guy to the thin and drawn looking Lucas. Richard looked terribly ill in his d├ębut as Lucas North. I know he was supposed to look frail and ill looking as LN but I think Richard must have felt a little grotty for real being so under weight.

I hear that the second trailer of The Hobbit is imminent! At last a glimpse of Thorin (I hope)and a few words spoken with those dulcet tones.

Just heard that the reboot of the series Dallas has got very high ratings over in America. I hope British TV buys the series. I used to love watching Dallas and Dynasty back in the eighties. (Loved all the double dealing and back stabbing). How about casting a certain British actor in a role for the second series? (Which I'm pretty sure will happen).One condition though, he MUST keep that lovely English accent (maybe a little posher?)Perhaps he could play JR's previously unknown about bastard son? (In more ways than one, a real chip off the old JR block!A 21st century GOG!)

Ricrar said...

Lol..True Blood happened to our Marian. Oh what RA's Guy of Gisborne would've given to be in vampire Eric's position. Lucy's screen partners are certainly diversified - from the social climbing Guy who had so-called *blue blood* ambitions to a blood-sucking vampire.

Welcome to the blog, Collarcitybrownstone. That username is a mouthful:) We're agreed on Richard looking more handsome with a fuller face. However, I've often heard the opposite opinion expressed by those who apparently find bony attractive.

Yes, Sue, waiting w/great anticipation for PJ's next trailer. Most are of the opinion he'll wait to show it at Comic Con in July.

Musa & I had a tweetMeet for first ep of the new Dallas series. It was great fun comparing how well(or not) the original characters had aged, plus oohing over the new generation of hotties in form of JR's son John Ross(he looks like he could be twin brother of Jon Rhys Myers) Bobby's son Christopher is also TDH and both endeared themselves to us with shirtless scenes aplenty:)

The majority of viewers and JR gave the actress playing Sue Ellen the award as "still prettiest girl in the room." JR himself has greatly physically aged but his acting skills are as sharp as ever. He's still adept at dark & evil gazes with his almost cackling delivery.

Love your suggestion for a new character in form of a British cousin. I must find that cowboy manip of Richard wearing a Stetson hat. Off she goes like a herd of turtle to get it done:)

Sue said...

I must admit that the new series of Dallas would be nothing without the great acting of Larry Hagman (AKA JR Ewing). I remember watching him perform on the Royal Variety Show (in front of the Queen no less)over here years ago singing (or trying to). Poor love forgot the words to the song and his lovely old mum came on stage to help him out.

Yes, I can just see Richard wearing a ten gallon Stetson on a two gallon head!!! Very sexy! Did JR still wear his cowboy hat in the new series? It was certainly a big one as I remember (the hat that is!)

Ricrar said...

Well, Sue, knowing your appreciation of the male of the species, methinks you'll be impressed with the younger actors playing JR and Bobby's sons. Besides being good-looking men, they're quite good actors as well. *cough*;) Both provide very compelling shirtless scenes for contemplating nature's beauty. *oh yes..a virtual art lovers paradise on Southfork:)* It's true that having Larry Hagman, the original JR, as part of the new show does give it a truly nostalgic feeling.

When it comes to Richard & coincidence, it seems to never end. First of all,I wasn't even aware of his name until my sister sent N&S as a Christmas gift in 2009.

Latest incident occurred a couple hours ago, when I stumbled upon an episode of Antique Roadshow on our Ovation Network. Doubt I'd have stopped to watch if the title didn't say "Dulwich, London 2009." That particular location quickly caught my attention. They were situated both inside & outside a large Art Gallery.

After analyzing the history and value of a couple pieces of furniture, they moved to vintage books. Unbelievably, the first one was 'The Hobbit' published 1937. The owner explained she'd allowed a friend to borrow it shortly after purchase and the woman didn't return it until a few week's before the 'Roadshow' was scheduled to set up shop in Dulwich. The original owner forgot her friend had borrowed it and was absolutely amazed when it was handed over.

BTW, today the OneRing website announced, among other Comic Con details, that "Richard Armitage and Martin Freeman *might* be there." Why would they mention it if it wasn't already planned? Perhaps they want to surprise the audience with two major cast members appearance.

Musa said...

The new Anna Karenina movie looks gorgeous and unconventional. Just checked and saw Aaron Johnson plays Count Vronsky. I remember him as the little boy in Tom & Thomas. He's not a little boy anymore ;)

Will Warner Bros announce any special appearances for Comic-Con before the event? I can feel the expectation growing and keeping my fingers crossed.

Ricrar said...

I've never heard of Aaron before, Musa. Will have to check out his other professional vehicles.

I've seen promises of all sorts of merchandise for TH that will be first available for purchase at CC. Will enjoy seeing the collectibles but have no interest whatsoever in purchasing any. Although, the soundtrack is a possibility once I've heard the entire score.

Fingers, eyes, toes - any body part possible is crossed for one particular special appeaRAnce:)