July 17, 2018

All Things Richard Armitage: New Photo from Hungary + Home Video Release for Castlevania + Richard sighting in Budapest(see photos) + Is It the Lucas Watch? + $250 million Boxoffice for OCEANS 8 (see RA tweet) + He Tweets "reading Orwell's1984"

NEWS: Home video release for Castlevania

Michelle Forbes posted a photo of her dog 'Henry' on instagram. The plot thickens when one observes a man wearing a watch is petting Henry. Is it Richard? Is it the Lucas North watch?(see
 banner photo)

RA wellwishers researched recent news on the novel '1984' and discovered there will be a new film adaptation.

Richard tweets Congrats on $250 Million boxoffice for Oceans 8..
Above BBC's spook, Lucas North.  Below Berlin Station's spooks in Hungary..

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