April 22, 2018

All Things RArmitage: Listen to RA Voice 'Tide' in 'Arden's Wake' +Sandra Bullock's Former Lover in Oceans 8(see below Wikipedia Quote;D + "Holy Swoon" Wanderlust Review(Another one bites the *velvety* dust;) + Audible Highlights RA's 3 Most Popular Narrations + Pre-order Mystery Thriller 'Their Lost Daughters' by Joy Ellis(link below)

NEWS: RA's Oceans 8 character Claude Becker is Sandra Bullock's character's former lover...
New tv series based on Wilkie Collins 'The Woman In White' Familiar cast members include Jessie Buckley(War and Peace) plays Marian Halcomb, while Chas Dance(Game of Thrones) is the invalid uncle. Ben Hardy is Walter Hartright.

Latest narration will be released May 29..

                   Wanderlust narration review in 2 words "Holy swoon!" :D

LUCAS: https://youtu.be/wMDJaddQ_bE



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