November 12, 2017

Richard Armitage: Selfie With AlexaHD Camera + New Den of Geek Interview(see link) Happy 8th Blog Anniversary on Tues, Nov 14

New Interview with upcoming play comments, etc..
Tues, Nov 14 marks the launch of this blog 8 full years ago.  Of course, RA's upcoming film Oceans 8 opens in 2018. Are all the 8s an omen of some sort? Perhaps it means the new year will be gr8 ;) for RA's career. Let's hope so!
                                                     First blog post..
                           'Knightfall' series starts Dec 6 on History Channel..

             From Oct 14, 2011 blog post, a couple fan Richard's Babe manips..
                                                   and her masterpiece..

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