May 2, 2017

Richard Armitage: Aug 11 - Theatrical/VOD/Digital release for 'Pilgrimage' + Review quote "stunning film"(see link) + Best of Tribeca 'Pilgrimage' Review(see link)

RA rockin' 1990s..☺❤
Mystery man photo on instagram...
Dezzy at Hollywood Spy website keeps us up to date on new series:
The Irish countryside is filled with danger, filled with bands of warring clans as well as Norman conquerors, like Raymond De Merville (Armitage), who has agreed to accompany the ragtag group, providing them with the security needed for safe passage. But De Merville has his eye on the gilded chest housing the holy relic, curious about the power it’s said to wield. And he’s also suspicious of the past that The Mute is trying to hide, igniting brutal conflict that will test the limits of young Diarmuid’s faith. Chock full of unapologetic violence and a stunning use of the rugged scenery, including a tense cat-and-mouse hunt in dense swamp fog, Pilgrimage is a stunning film worth keeping an eye out for.
                                            Medieval Mad Max...

Quote: "...director Brendan McDowney’s found his bearings by the time they lose the relic in a grimy, bloody, scary ambush in the woods, and tees up the subsequent moral dilemmas and fights-to-the-death with a combination of emotional intelligence and gory glee."
The White Princess reviews:

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