November 7, 2015

Richard Armitage:Reading Assignment from Agent Meyer + Urban Film on Leeds Top 20(see link) + Urban Review(see link) + Another Bond Endorsement(see link) + Greeting Wellwishers today & Sunday for Urban and the Shed Crew Premiere

Leeds FF Top 20 Films including Urban and the Shed Crew:
RA tweeted this article in The Economist..
QUOTE: "With that baritone voice Richard Armitage could suit up and shake the martini"
Chop and Tyson - Urban and the Shed Crew cast members..
Urban Review:
Not the first pair of hi-top sneakers. RA wore a black pair for Hannibal intv..
Remember the following blue shoes as he departed Toronto after Hannibal's Dolarhyde was a wrap..
Leeds photo:

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