November 20, 2014

Richard Armitage:Closing Song for Final Film of Tolkien's Saga + AJ Hartley Expounds on Hamlet:A Novel & RA(see excerpt/link) + Bon Appetit Thanksgiving(see link)

AJ Hartley interview:
we did a Hamlet, which has just come out, performed by Richard Armitage of The Hobbit.
JMW: Yes, and also the BBC Robin Hood series, I believe.
A. J. Hartley: Yeah, among other things and a show called North and South, which is very good. He’s currently in The Crucible in London, which has received very, very good reviews. He’s a terrific actor and he’s a very popular actor, has a very powerful fan base, because he’s among other things, cute.
JMW: Yeah, well, hey, it’s really important to sell those audio books.
A. J. Hartley: Absolutely, but I don’t think I had fully understood his range as an actor until I heard what he was doing that one, because a voice actor has to do everything, not just narration, but all the different characters and such. He is terrific, wonderful.
Perhaps serendipity will occur and Arthur Miller's daughter, Rebecca, will somehow see this and feel compelled to grant legal waiver to permit showing of the digital recording of recent Old Vic's performance of The Crucible in USA - Pipedreams are made of this;)

   The stars of upcoming film 'Sleepwalker' - Richard Armitage & Ahna O'Reilly
Gotta love a queen who wears a pink puffy coat. Watch Reign, Thurs 9pmEST, CW channel:

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