September 19, 2012

Gandalf Moves It! + BLACK SKY & THE HOBBIT Photos + Thanks to for Screencaps + New Trailer: THE HOBBIT:An Unexpected Journey

                                              Orcrist in Splendour:
Musa's compilation of RA TV interviews when he has mentioned his Richard III thoughts. There are other comments in written interviews. Keep volume turned up--the loudness fluctuates for each excerpt..


cleopatraascreenplay said...

Well, Ricrar, what a great trailer. I really like it. I cannot wait for December!

So, if I may ask, what is YOUR preference on a next role for RA, post-Hobbit?

I like the US newsman, but of course, my preference would be Julius, Tristan, or other role from one of my plays! :) :) He could do a rock opera, you know (Tristan)! What a voice! I understand he used to dance, too. Boy, would that be a privilege to see!

:) :) :)

Ricrar said...

Agreed Cleo, the new trailer is rich with Richard, isn't it:)Delish!

Can't decide which of the 5 Thorin lines is my fav. tossup between his forceful "We'll take back Eregon!" and "Loyalty,honor,a willing heart--I can ask no more than that".

Next role...hmmm, I'm very happy with his teacher Gary choice, Historic drama is my preference, but after wearing the heavy Thorin costume for 3 films, would wager Richard is ready for more contemporary roles for awhile.

Yes, he's had extensive dance training, appeared in about half a dozen plays in London. During an interview, when he was asked if he'd return to it, RA said "In musical theater you just get on stage and show off" - he then went on to expound on how much more challenging acting is compared to his former experience.

As for historic drama, Richard has had a long-time dream to produce an updated version of Richard III. When asked if he'd play the lead he replied "more likely the Warwick role." And, he has also expressed an interest in directing - after The Hobbit premiere, no doubt all sorts of opportunities will be available for him.

See above for screencaps from the new trailer. The original photos were larger of course, but in order to see RA's expressions, it's necessary to crop them.

Musa said...

Love this new trailer. Really features Thorin. He's so regal and his voice! I would follow him anywhere.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I couldn't agree more about the new trailer. The consistent presence of RA is what makes it! It is great that you can see his face and his expressions more. That is really what makes it, and is maybe a signature of his acting, no? Those tiny, nuanced facial expressions that tell pages and pages about what his character is going through. The last trailer was great -- especially RA's voice!!! -- except for the annoying presence of other actors.

No offense to everyone else in the movie.... Can they do a movie with just him? (You may think I'm kidding. I'm not.)

Yes, Gary. Can't wait to meet Gary.

As to his future roles...something more contemporary...I do have a romantic comedy that is in English and French about a Lebanese-Britisher and an American woman who is charming in her mangling of the French language (and he is overwhelming in his sexy Levantine French).... Or he could always play Rami.... :) :) :) (Did you notice that name comes from the same root at Romeo?)

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. We'll take back Eregon, definitely!!! (Is that, like, Zaragoza?) Although it's awfully hard to argue with loyalty, honor, and a willing heart.

:) :)

Sue said...

I've got a sneaky suspicion that Richard has (once more) stolen the show right from under the nose of poor old Bilbo Baggins! Didn't he do just the same as Sir Guy in RH? He gives his characters such a magnificent presence that you can't help but be spellbound. Those dwarves look a bit of a handful, they need taking in hand (especially Thorin!)

Ricrar said...

Hey there Sue & Cleo:)

Can you believe how quickly the new trailer fuss has died down? Although, there are still many tweets expressing steamy approval of Richard's voice and commanding presence as Thorin.

Yes, Sue, as usual it appears RA will indeed steal another show. I'll never forget the fan squabbles over whether an evil henchman such as RA's Guy of Gisborne should get more attention than the hero - Robin Hood. Of course, all the attention awarded Richard with the prize of a starring role in the huge hit SPOOKS/MI5.

Did either one of you find it difficult to watch the scene where Elrond and Gandalf tower over Thorin? There again, his deep, throaty line "What of it!" did project what you Sue rightly referred to as "magnificent presence". Did you take note of Thorin wielding his mighty golden sword, Orcrist. Don't you just know there's much sniggering going on among certain fans, as usual:)haha

Cleo, you certainly have numerous role suggestions for Richard. Have you considered writing a screenplay to support his Richard III dream? RA's(and others) premise is that the last Plantagenet monarch was painted with a wide black brush of evil by the succeeding Tudor dynasty - when he was actually an exemplary ruler with grand achievements.

Ricrar said...

Musa, We'll follow RA along with you:) Where might he lead us next?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Oh, Ricrar, what an absolutely lovely suggestion. Should Richard (if I may) ask me to write a screen play for a Richard III story, I would be so delighted to do so. I know little about the story, though, so it would take a lot of new research for me. (I know these Middle Easter/Mediterranean/Central Asian stories so much better....remember, I situate Tristan and Isolde, and the Guinevere story both in the Ancient Near East.) I did grow up on some of the British legends, though. I do have a short story for King Offa already. I would probably have a tendency to want to write it as an Arthur and Guinevere story.... :) :) I wonder if that's what he has in mind?

Meanwhile, I keep adding to my Rami and Katia story. Now delving into magic. (And a bit of feminist fury.) :) :) What's a Middle Eastern tale without magic in the desert? :)

Ricrar said...


I've added a video above that Musa compiled of RA's remarks about Richard III. There are others in written interviews. I fact, if I'm not mistaken, believe he did refer to the "love story" between Anne Neville and Richard III.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I would love to do a project like that.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Hi, Ricrar. I have officially been introduced to John Porter. Only one episode so far. Wow, that is pretty intense. He's so good. Thanks for the Richard III interview video, btw. I think I had heard most of it. It sounds like he already has a writer. Next time you see him, tell him if he still needs one (or an additional one), I'm his man (ha ha).

Ricrar said...

Good to hear you're enjoying Porter, Cleo.

Have you watched Richard as Victorian mill master, John Thornton, in the BBC's North and South series?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Good morning, Ricrar. Well, I am grumpy and tired this morning (TMI, I know, but there you go). The new photos are awesome! Very cheery-making. Those are definitely some BEAUTIFUL eyes! :) :)

I have most certainly seen North and South. I think it was the first thing I ever saw with Armitage, a few years ago. I have re-watched it since researching my recommendations for Cleopatra characters. I actually made my eight year old watch it (for the lessons on industrialization). She thought it was Chinese water torture, but she ended up warming up to it in the end :) :)

(I believe she liked him in MI5 better, sans the romantic parts; but she thought Guy was "creepy.")

cleopatraascreenplay said...

P.S. Re: "Did either one of you find it difficult to watch the scene where Elrond and Gandalf tower over Thorin?"

That either of them should "tower over" RA is an existential impossibility, so, honestly, I didn't even notice if the trailer made such a suggestion.

Ricrar said...

I've been told that was one of the rare scenes in The Hobbit when you do see Gandalf and Elrond towering over 4'6" Thorin. The reason is probably due to the humungous amount of ridiculously expensive CGI necessary to render 6'2" Richard a vertically-challenged dwarf:D

cleopatraascreenplay said...

I meant it more existentially, or as a matter of being :) :). But then, perhaps I am biased. I think I could probably have taken the whole movie with only RA and no other actors or tech & been perfectly happy. ;):) I'll see it in Dec and let you know!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning, Ricrar. I saw the second two episodes of the first season of Strike Back last night (after showing my students the Lebanese film, "Caramel" on a Friday night -- how's that for dedication! They actually showed!).

It was interesting; Porter took a field name of "Dean" in one of the episodes. I have a character named Dean in one of my plays, only in my case, he's named after Salah al-Din, for the Arabic meaning of the name ("religion" -- a play on a theme that runs throughout; she keeps calling him "her religion".) Made me love the episode, though. I wonder if the writers named him Dean for the same reason? :) :)

Liked the scenes in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Wow, was that beautiful. Would love to see it one day. Were the scenes really Afghanistan and Pakistan, or somewhere a little less in conflict. It was gorgeous scenery. And, yes, lest you be concerned that I have lost my sense of purpose and noticed only the scenery, RA was brilliant, as always.

Ricrar said...

Hi Cleo,

Why didn't you show Strike Back for your students? I'm certain there would be an even larger turn out to see that morality lesson. The series would teach them to respect those who are willing to place their lives on the line in order to protect innocents from insane, heartless terrorists. Those innocents are not only in the MidEast but include over $300M Americans as well.

As for travel to the MidEast - admittedly it looked exotic before the irrational jihadists took control. After watching the protesters destroy their own neighborhoods and kill those who were there to help them, it's become the last region of the world I'd ever want to see.

Hopefully someday the radical political ignorance that's so pervasive there will be replaced with a more rational, tolerant mindset. If that day ever arrives, the MidEast will again jump to the top of my travel wish list.

Where would you place John Porter on a scale of 1-10, if John Thornton is currently the RA character who is #1 in your heart?

cleopatraascreenplay said...

Morning again, Ricrar!

My students actually had a very interesting discussion of dating habits in the Middle East after the movie; a number of them were from a number of Middle Eastern countries. "Caramel" shows a far more normalized Middle East, dating, pre-marital sex, and the like. It is far a far more realistic picture of the M.E. than either the extremists there (or in my home town here) would show. The average person there is very much NOT in line with the extremists, as I think you have said as well. It just takes time to overwhelm the men with the guns. They're working on it, I think, very seriously in some parts of the Arab Spring. I really couldn't be more proud of the Middle Eastern populations right now, as nervous-making as the unrest is for us. Social revolutions always involve a great deal of upheaval, and violence, and I think that is what we are seeing since 2011 (something akin to the Revolutions of 1848 in Europe). A violent, heady time, but it will go somewhere. I am encouraged that the people who were part of the more angry riots recently were few in number by comparison to the Arab Spring. That, I think, is encouraging.

Why not show Strike Back? I have some Vets in the group. They saw enough action in real life. They really don't like to see it again. They come back to school to study in a somewhat more removed way for a while. To get back into their heads, probably, and away from the blood. Strike Back is so effective in showing the bloody nature of the whole thing.

I teach students on all sides -- people who are going off to join various secret services; students who are going off to do left- OR right-wing NGO work; students going off to work at the UN; and everything in between. It's a wonderful job, and my students are WONDERFUL, all of them, no matter where they're going with it.

IF John Thronton is currently the RA character who is #1 in my heart....Hmmm. That is a proposition in itself. I am not sure if it is true. He is close to my heart, indeed. But so is Guy. And who else....well, you know Harry, is awfully charming as Prince Charming....although I think I prefer John Porter to Prince Charming....and of course, there is Monet, although I think I prefer John Porter to that as well....who else is there...Oh! Lucas. Of course. Lucas. Lucas is so fine! But the whole MI5 scene is a bit too frenetic and suspense laden for daily life, me thinks.... Honestly, I wouldn't turn any of them away. Speaking as Cleopatra, of course, not as the nun-like professor.

So, to answer your question: I do like Porter. And John Thornton. Can I have them both?

:) :)

Ricrar said...

"Nun-like professor" LOL.

There have been many news reports in recent years of teachers who were anything but nun-like:) Although, in relation to Richard, he has said a couple of his characters were "really good with nuns". Believe he might've been referring to Uhtred in Lords of the North in particular. One of his lovers was a nun who he'd rescued from a Viking invader gang rape.

After a circuitous journey, ultimately my fav RA character is also John Porter. Believe it's primarily because he draws a line in the sand and informs forces of evil, if they step beyond it, there will be serious consequences for them. Then, if necessary, he follows through on his (anything but empty) threats.
*thud--pushover for the white knights of the world:*) Strongest evidence of that is the fact I'm married to one with as steely a backbone (and as warm a heart) as JP.

cleopatraascreenplay said...

From what I have read, there have been days and ages in which nuns had far more interesting lives (some medieval convents and monasteries; ancient Mediterranean fertility cults, etc.). Alas, I cannot say the same.

Should, however, Richard have an interest in meeting yours truly, nun-like professor, as I have said, I would be more than happy to oblige! We can talk screen plays or have a beer. I’m easy. (Not.)

I took myself at my own word and saw a Gator game today. Stayed til the third quarter, watched them rout Old Miss’, and walked back through my old neighborhoods swarming with cars, people, etc. It was certainly an exercise in communitas. It was really fun and festival like. They no longer serve beer in the stadium. I was actually disappointed; I was planning to follow that protocol (only for the sake of ethnography, of course), as I thought it would make the smelly-beer odor of my memory a little more appealing. Alas, no such luck. I only cheered for the wrong team once (by accident); the students around me were very understanding. They seemed to understand I was a bit of an outside observer to the whole thing. Perhaps it was the lack of Gator colors, and the big, flouncy straw hat for the sun. I don’t know…. But they do still have Italian sausage with roast onions and peperoncinis, and ice cream complete with chocolate sprinkles. Maybe next time they’ll have face painting. Then I can bring my daughter and we can entertain ourselves as we will. I was happy. I’ll be back!

cleopatraascreenplay said...

BTW, what is Lords of the North? Sounds fun. It is a televised thing? I could only find a short audio clip...?